Posted on Jun 20th, 2015 in Malevolent Preacher

Because at seminars you barely scratch the top of senshido. You can take 75 of them, you will have made yourself a huge favor by increasing your survivability dramatically.  Periodical semis are the best for people that don’t or won’t train on a regular basis.  Semis don’t make you a senshido apprentice or certainly not an instructor (Laughable).  Doing a senshido class on a regular basis will however change a lot.  When I see a clip of “innocent victim vs evil michelin man” the people participating are doing a great job (no sarcasm)… But most of the clips end with […]

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Senshido’s top 10 safety tips

Posted on Jun 17th, 2015 in Senshido Europe

Having been contacted by many organisations, newspapers and radio stations asking about safety tips, and knowing that not everyone can make it to a seminar or self defence class, I have decided to put this together to share with everyone. None of this information belongs to any one person, group, or organisation, but it is what we teach at Senshido seminars. This is not about self defence, a term I use loosely (The very term ‘self defence’ implies that I’m already a victim that is in the process of defending myself, a reactive act) but more about self-protection (Becoming a hard target through […]

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The meaning of “having access to a senshido instructor”

Posted on Jun 12th, 2015 in Malevolent Preacher

First understand the “cred”. Your instructor has something money can’t buy. A handful of cash and a few weekend seminars don’t do it. Ask our newest members Jani and Jurgen. The senshido instructor is not politicalized nor cares about what the rest of the world does, he really does not give a crap about backslapping with famous people, or getting his picture taken, He/she has an understanding of combat and it’s general principles, he or she seeks to empower and does not care how he or she do it. It takes years. We really are oblivious to whether the rest […]

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Disturbing trend… Are we making the “shredder stupid” AKA when the shredder goes against the 5Ps of senshido?

Posted on May 30th, 2015 in Malevolent Preacher

Huh? During my experimentation with bladed and blunt weapons, this phenomena would happen….  When a guy had a tool, it became his fixation to use it. He forgot everything he learnt about unarmed combat and he basically only worked his “tool”…. ignoring and /or forgetting to integrate all his other hand to hand skills. Well… dunno how to break it to you folks but watching clips after clips the same is happening to the shredder. First thing first, to my dismay, the attackers are too often looking to anchor a ‘shred” and the guy who is the “victim” passes 3 […]

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Kids and self defense

Posted on May 25th, 2015 in Malevolent Preacher

They only need 2 things…. Where not to be standing, and how to create/maintain distance. Unless they have a complete grasp of the application of that concept, everything else is bullshit. Please spare me the horse feces (I was told shit was a 4 letter word than offends pussies) with effective striking and all that jazz being spewed out there is pretty much pointless without the core concept mentioned above If an adult grabs your 10 year old kid with intent, things will go bad. Your kid’s programs have to allocate a serious chunk of time to that. They have […]

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Thank you, from Senshido Internationals newest members.

Posted on May 25th, 2015 in Senshido Europe

  A few words from Senshido Internationals newest member Jani Luukkonen. Jani and Jurgan were officially brought into our family as team members and certified instructors yesterday 24 May 2015 They have been assistant instructors for several years under the Senshido Europe team, they are dedicated, passionate and have worked extremely hard to get to where they are now. We want to welcome you guys to the family. Well deserved from your long road to our membership.   I wanted to write something personal on this as my journey in Senshido has been wonderful. Sure there have been downs and […]

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