Oct 2014

What is a victim

Is it a person who has been attacked and hasn’t survived? Is it also a person who has been attacked or abused several times? Is it a person who hangs their head low while walking down the street in a fear stricken and submissive state in anticipation of violence and abuse? Is it a person who looks a certain way, lives a certain way, talks a certain way? Is it

Martial artists in general still don’t fundamentally understand the concept and extreme importance of pre contact psychology. It’s amazing to see forum after forum; message board after message board, all that is being discussed is ‘techniques’. Which technique is better, which techniques would you use against an armed attacker, multiple attackers, a grappler, a huge individual? Bruce Lee said “The height of cultivation lies in its simplicity”. Simplicity works. During

It’s amazing what people are willing to believe without seeing, willing to believe what they hear and willing to believe it all without experiencing. You cannot build a reputation on what you are going to do. Theoretical fighters are just that. Foundations built on words. A friend of mine who works the midnight shift in security at Burger King in the heart of the city has survived countless violent confrontations.

Currently, the world is plagued with tens of thousands of fraudulent self-proclaimed masters of martial arts, hand to hand combat and self-defense experts. For the most part, these are charlatans taking advantage of people’s fears and insecurities, their desires to emulate their heroes on the silver screen and their need for empowerment. The cause of this unfortunate state of the arts is commercialism. The media. By the time the Asian

Here’s an ugly scenario; you are out with friends, you are assaulted, and out of your group of three, you are the only one versed in self-protection… Ouch! This is a very likely scenario. Here’s another one just as ugly; 3 of you, separated when the proverbial poop hits the oscillating turbine, you are taking care of business, the problem is: your bud is not, and is about to get

“Once the combative mind frees itself of the obstructions from necessity (primarily caused by the fixation with technique), it will evolve to its highest state of absorption and enhance its moment to moment capabilities with refined accuracy. The ‘fight’ from its earliest point, to its state of incompleteness is so vast that any attempts at locking onto specifics deludes our chances of survival from the minimal… to the extreme.” –

Since the term Shredder was coined, it has raised many eyebrows. The most common mistake made regarding this concept is that it is a technique or a set pattern of sequential moves that can be trained like a boxing combo. It isn’t. Let me clarify a few misconceptions regarding the Shredder. For one, although I have been accused of doing so… I have never stated that it is the end

Martial artists in general seem to think that just because they can or can’t do something, then the same goes for everyone else. That’s not only narcissistic, but self-centred as well. The main difference between reality based systems and mixed martial arts (besides the hundreds of apparently not so obvious ones) is that reality based systems are geared more towards general population and Joe/Jane average, whereas mixed martial arts are