Jan 2015

Gritis, Niko

Niko began his martial arts journey at age 11 with Shotokan Jka Karate under the teaching of Master Yashou Sakarai after earning his black belt in 1989. he started expanding his knowledge by studying other fighting systems with boxing, grappling and close quarter combative arts which eventually lead to studying Jeet Kune Do and developing his own ideology of combat, Aspida.

In 1992, he helped close friend Richard Dimitri develop a revolutionary self defense system called Senshido which is to this day one of the most effective reality-based systems taught world wide.

Twenty years working as a bouncer/bodyguard also gave Niko first hand experience on the reality of confrontation and “street” survival.

Being open-minded to every conceivable aspect of combat and training, the never-ending journey continues…

Senshido the methodology has undergone several stages of development since it’s inception and many, many people played a great part in that but perhaps one of the most critical stage of it’s development was during my days training, working out with and develping all kids of drills and training routines with my bro Niko Gritis who finally, after nearly 20 years has graciously accepted the title of Sensido International instructor and Team member. It’s something he’s always been considered by me anyway, and we’ve finally made it official. He’s also one of my oldest and closest friends.

– Richard Dimitri

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