Scenario Replications Package




A how to package. This 33 page e-book and 120 minute+ video is a complete, thorough and detailed study guide on scenario replications. Excellent for instructors, LEO, study groups, or anyone with training partners interested in quality information on how to run the most realistic scenarios to enhance survivability and create the proper mental blueprints for possible real life confrontations. This is the most comprehensive how to package of its kind on the market today! TOPICS INCLUDE: Delivery systems, Occurring problems, Inter-relationship Error, Personal Error, Variable Error, Multi tasking, Scenario replicating formula, The defender’s communicative guide lines, The startle to flinch response, Behavioral interaction, Criminal Charateristics, 12 replicated scenarios and debriefing sessions and much more! – CANNOT BE SOLD SEPERATELY

The product image shown above is for illustrative purposes only. The complete product’s content comes in a digital/downloadable format.


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