EDC’s (Non-Firearm)… and all the crap floating around this

We love our toys, I’m the first… how we love to show our friends the new

“emerson” we carry. Looks great clipped on ready to go. Some of you might
have other toys. Why not? It’s easy to sell
instructionals/manuals/workshops and more… Man does it look good when the
guy draws in one fluid motion and starts to thrust slash backcut the
“invisible” foe in front of him….

One thing you have to grasp. The limitations of carrying an EDC/s : Here’s
a few facts to consider:

1. Most people have a limited amount of time available to training. That
includes unarmed, firearm, fitness, EDCs…. Your main challenge is to
deploy under stress. Experts who spent hours practicing can’t, for the
most part, deploy a tucked in folder in a realistic no consent scenario.
retentionLEOs have a hard time accessing Pepper spray, carried in open holsters BTW,
15 ft of distance between them and their attackers. You will have to clear
clothing, create distance to do so obviously, not eat significant shots in
the process… and finally cut or pierce something significant…..
retentionRiiiiiggghht. So pre-deployment is key. Have it in your hand before the
shit hits the fan. “Yeah but my instructor can…..” Your instructor trains
30 fucking hours a week and I bet that he can barely draw under pressure
100% of the time. As the late Jeff Cooper once said:’ If you wind up in the
middle on a gun fight, and your carry piece is NOT in your hand already…
you are dead.’

2. If you understand the relation between stopping power and lethal force,
knives can be lethal but lack stopping power. People have fought on with
horrific cuts. There is little possibility of non-lethal stopping power
with blades. I can live with that…. You are justified or not.

3. EDCs are not a substitute for poor counter ambush skills, tactical
thinking and brains. Your opponents will have his tool/s in his hand when
he makes his moves where he thinks he has a clear advantage. If he has the
drop on you, you can carry anything you want. won’t help you.

4. You’re tools work as well for your attacker, understand the importance
of retention….

5. This applies to sprays, spikes, flashlights and co….

Don’t attribute powers to tools. It’s a huge mistake.

The Malevolent Preacher

The most common modern-day attack

Upon reading the title, one might conjure a vision of a new breed of MMA-trained bad guys, terrorists using Kalashnikovs and suicide vests.

Truth is that, while those are (sadly) becoming common occurrences, monetary crimes are still king (and I am not talking about being held up at an ATM by a gun-toting criminal nor mugged in a dark alley by some junkie needing cash for his fix).

While Personal Protection is an umbrella approach to self-defence, coving all aspects of Violence, how many of us really take the time to improve online safety?

Someone once told me that Senshido, while excellent at unarmed combat, including the pre and post contact aspects of violence survival, should “Just focus on hand to hand combat”.

I beg to differ.

Because Senshido teaches a holistic and evolutionary approach to self-preservation, it has to include other facets of personal defence, such as firearms, edge weapons use, among other things.

While I personally do not teach weapon handling or weapon proficiency skills (Being from Ireland where civilians are prohibited from carrying firearms), other Senshido instructors, namely from the U.S and the Middle East, do.

All of our instructors do, however, use the Internet and so do billions of people worldwide.

But, mention the words “Online Safety” and “Senshido” in the same sentence, and cries of “That’s not self-protection; just stick to what you’re good at.”

I am sorry, but the most common attacks, those in which we pride ourselves on teaching, are not the only form of attack anymore. In the past week, I have experienced three attempted robberies, with the latest being this morning.

All of those were Internet-based phishing attacks, a very popular method used by felons every day of the week against ordinary people to separate them from their hard-earned money.

Let me deconstruct the latest, as I am pretty sure you have all come across something similar at some point, or probably will.

mailsBeing from Ireland, I have an account with Bank of Ireland, one of our main banks in the country. Said bank provides an E-banking service called “Banking 365”, to which I am subscribed. Early today, I receive this email, which at first glance looked quite legitimate, so I open it.


Now, the sender knows that I have opened the mail and that this email address is a live one, making it a recipient for a boatload of spam. However, as soon as I opened the email , alarm bells went off Immediately:

Here is my bank, contacting me by email, asking me to login to my account and confirm my Identity, a probable situation however unlikely.

inboxBut let’s just assume for a moment that my spider senses are still dormant. After all, the sender is only enquiring if this transaction was correct. To confirm or cancel the payment, you only need a quick log in and out using the link provided.

Decisions, decisions…

Ok so I decided to call my bank to get confirmation about the mail, but after being put on hold by customer services for 5 minutes, I got sick and tired and hang up.

Because I wanted closure, I opened my browser and typed:


This is an easy to use, online program that will now give me the location of the email sender, by using the full header of the email. Copy and paste it in, click find source and bingo!


Much to my surprise, the source IP address was from Romania.romania

Now why the hell would Bank of Ireland email me from Romania, asking me to login to my account and confirm my Identity?

In a series of quick steps I now have spotted a potential scam and avoided becoming a victim of hackers.

Nobody held a knife to my throat, put me in a headlock, or grappled me to the ground. But somebody did try to rob me in a sneaky yet increasingly common way.  Im no IT specialist, I know my way around a computer and have taken some courses in online safety, that doesn’t make me an expert, but it has served its purpose.

So your thoughts, Is online safety  part of your self protection package?


Senshido – So much more than just self defence.

Networking hahahahahaha

Nothing against building contacts. But really… I never gave a flying fuck on a rolling donut what my “peers” think about what I do. I never needed anyone’s approval besides my clients. We, in the early days, looked forward. We developed and could not care less what others did or not do or said or not say. I always felt it gave me total teaching freedom. No rent, never had to buy expensive equipement, never marketed (nothing wrong with it) and left my clients happy and empowered. That simple, all I cared about. What I teach now is different than what I taught in the past. It has evolved and will change in the future. So chase me to do what I’m doing and when you figure it out? I’ll be on something else.

I find it humorous when I see who wants to join a group and it says “member of 14 groups”. If you have enough time to keep up with 14 groups maybe you should train more. Really?

2014-10-13 20The group hug pictures are great memories, but so many of them are floating… who gives a shit anyway. Lots of people love the “I’ll take my picture with XXXX and people will think I’m a regular student or an instructor!” Good if they think you are that famous… flattering as fuck. Before you know it 80% of what they teach is your material and NO… you don’t see 80% of the money. Should we start harping like most of this trade do…. “He’s using my stuff!” At the rate the DVDS are flying, Richard should be happy. I’m not aware of what arrangements are in place, but I assume everyone gives his cut. Right? If not… well maybe you should re-check your premise. Anyhow I hate this part of the biz and Rich and Wes should not even have to ask.

The real Senshido is only taught in a class context, the only place where true experimentation can occur and concepts evolved. Certainly not over a keyboard. Speaking for some of us, we rather train than talk about it. That simple.  The Germany experiment proved that.

Senshido class = degree in medecine
Semis = First aid class with CPR…. Keyboard = I watch ER once a week…. good comparaisons.

Drive forward and don’t look back. Eagles fly alone, pigeons congregate on a statue of someone in the past and shit all over each other

Ahhh the shit we do for approval

                                                                                                   The Malevolent preacher

The meaning of “having access to a senshido instructor”

First understand the “cred”. Your instructor has something money can’t buy. A handful of cash and a few weekend seminars don’t do it. Ask our newest members Jani and Jurgen. The senshido instructor is not politicalized nor cares about what the rest of the world does, he really does not give a crap about backslapping with famous people, or getting his picture taken, He/she has an understanding of combat and it’s general principles, he or she seeks to empower and does not care how he or she do it. It takes years. We really are oblivious to whether the rest of the industry loves us or not. Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one.

In the wonderful world of martial arts… franchising does work, for lots of outfits, like the Mc Donald franchising model…. people buy franchises… It’s a win-win for both parties. It works. No sarcasm. In the arts it is called an affiliation. It is a formula and/or a template. All parties can benefit of each other’s contacts and when the programs are good, the word gets spread quickly and good things happen. At Mc D… you don’t need to be a cook to make a good burger, the formula is on the wall. And it’s a good thing. We need this, and the people we associate with are very competent.

SENSHIDO MAKES ZERO$ ON INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATION. What does that mean? You are being part of an organism where you cannot buy in. This is powerful. So Jurgen and Jani… welcome aboard, your students will see and benefit from your teachings.

Senshido is not a martial art. It’s a lifestyle and a way of thinking that transcend into people’s life.

Ssenshido instructorenshido instructors, are not cooking recipes, They are generating them, They have the tools to work with a group and make it work with or without equipement, anywhere. They were chosen, not on their ability to generate revenues or the their potential to do so, but on pure ability, attitude and the desire to make a difference in their community.

People will stand around and whine “I wanna be an instructor!” with a handful of cash… The day we will let those in…  will be the day this amazing philosophy dies.

The Malevolent preacher